Friday, April 5, 2013

Sickies has been a crazy week in our house. Harper woke up Monday morning with one eye swollen shut.

Took her to the doctor after work and she was in the beginning stages of pink eye. Luckily we caught it just in time. Also, we have been fortunate that it hasn't spread to Avery (knock on wood).

Tuesday she ran a low grade fever. By Wednesday night/Thursday morning it shot up to 103. So glad my mom was here to help me out this week, since Jeremy had to travel for work. Thursday I stayed home with the girls and she finally started to feel much better...woo hoo!!

She was still needing lots of loving though. I'll take that any day, sick or not.

I don't like seeing my sweet babies sick, but I guess it's just part of growing up. Hoping next week we are free of sickies and can just have some fun!!

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