Monday, April 8, 2013

Jeremy's Mini-me

Frequently I am asked who the girls look like, sometimes even told they both look like me. I quickly remind them that they have never met my husband. In fact, this exact conversation just occurred this past weekend. Avery seems to be a pretty good combo of the two of us, but she does tend to favor me more than Jeremy. I might add, not just in looks, but personality as well. She is extremely type "a" and likes things in their place.
Harper, on the other hand, is NOTHING like me. She is her father through and through. They are no doubt two peas in a pod.

You see it's not just in appearance, but their personality as well. I always remind Jeremy that she is 99.9% him and only .1% me...he he!! She is incredibly funny and has a personality that can fill a room, even though she is teeny tiny!! The girl is extremely attached to me and would prefer I carry her around all the time! Lets just say, she's never very far away from me, even when she is playing. Jeremy is much the same way....loves to be with me!! It is nice at times, but on occasion I would like my space. Harper does have one trait I would love to change and that is her selfishness (much like her daddy). She doesn't like to share toys or her momma. The problem is that she is a twin, and she has had to share me from the moment she was conceived. Maybe one day she will grow out of this phase. For the record, Avery is very giving and loves to share her toys, food, and anything else she can find.
I apologize for all of the random rambling, but I know I will forget this in a few years. It will be near to reflect back and see of their personalities have changed. Just for good measure, this is a sweet pic I captured of my girls tonight.

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