Friday, April 5, 2013

First Birthday Party

On February 9th we celebrated the birth of my sweet baby girls. It is hard to believe that they are a year old!

This had truly been the best year of my life. We are so thankful for everyone that has helped us throughout this last year. It truly took an army to raise these babies this past year. Just when we thought we had mastered taking care of twins, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After beating cancer, trying to get my thyroid medication leveled out, then it was time for Christmas madness!! We are so thankful most of our close friends and family were able to celebrate with us. I'll leave you with a few pics from their "cute as a button" birthday party.

Avery doesn't like cake at all! She is not much of a sweets person. Give her fruits and veggies, then she is happy as can be!

Harper is a different story. She LOVED every bit of her cake. We had to peel it away from!!! It was such a fun party to plan and decorate.

Their big birthday cake! My sweet friend, Udele, did such an amazing job.

Smash cake

Presents to donate to Children's Hospital.

Button cookies

Monthly pictures

The food table all set up before we set out the delicious food.

Showing off their birthday pictures.

Opening presents!

After all the celebrating, the girls slept really good that night! The next morning they were ready to rock and roll!!

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  1. I love the theme!!! Your details (and those cakes) are just cute as can be! (I was going to say "button"!!)

    I cannot believe how big your girls are! They are adorable, as ever.