Saturday, January 5, 2013

Kelly's Korner: Smocked Swap

Today I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner to try and sell these two adorable long bubbles. I bought them for my girls, thinking they could wear them for their birthday. Well little did I know, that my girls would be this TINY at 11 months old. I'm so sad they cannot fit in them for their birthday.

So here is the down and dirty. Both are size 12 months and brand new!! Still have the tags on them. They were made by The Smockling. I am asking $25 shipped for each.

Please email me at if you are interested.

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Goals for the New Year

Well I'm almost a week late posting this, but who cares...right?!?! So last year I only set one goal for the year, and that was to SURVIVE! I had no idea what I was about to go through having newborn twins. Well we have almost survived their first year of life. I must say it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. Definitely some stressful moments, but nothing we couldn't work through.

This year I decided to set monthly goals in lieu of yearly goals. So at the end of each month I will post them here. I have to do this to keep myself on track. So here are my goals for January...
*Plan the girls birthday party.
*Reorganize the master closet.
*Start training for the Rock 'n Roll half marathon.
*Come up with an organized meal plan for my family.
*Blog two days a week.
*Pick up my house nightly. Yep I'm guilty for going to bed with a messy house.

So far I'm right on track. Been cleaning and organizing like crazy.

Started training for a half marathon today!

Hope you and your family have an awesome year!!!

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These Shoes Are Made for Walking

Well the girls are getting closer and closer to walking everyday. For Christmas Jeremy'a Mema and Papa gave the girls some money to get some good shoes. So yesterday we ventured to Stride Rite to find the perfect shoe. I have to say I was disappointed they didn't have hardly any neutral shoe options. So we went with a simple black Mary Jane style shoe. They look adorable on the girls!

Can't you tell they wanted to pose for a picture....ha ha!!

Harper testing out her new kicks. Avery wasn't too sure about walking in them. She just wanted to sit down and explore them.

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New Playroom

After Christmas, Jeremy and I quickly realized we no longer had any room for the girls toys in the living room. Here is the proof...

It was literally a parking lot of toys. What bothered me the most is that the girls didn't have much room to play.

So we transformed our only guest bedroom into a playroom.

They seem to play with more of their toys now because they can actually see them. I feel bad that our guests will now have to sleep on air mattresses, but we want to make this house work for 3 to 4 more years.

The girls love playing in their new room. They crawl in their a lot on their own. Now I have my living room back!

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Christmas in Tulsa 2012

Christmas Eve we arrived in Tulsa and had dinner with Jeremy's family. Then we woke up bright and early Christmas morning! The girls did not sleep too well, due to being in a different environment. Also, they both came down with a nasty stomach bug.

Birthday cake for baby Jesus.

Singing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus! Hope to keep this new tradition going for many years to come.

We stayed for a couple of days in Tulsa visiting my family and Jeremy's. On the ride home poor Avery threw up twice. We were all happy to be home!! I don't think we will be traveling anytime soon.

That concludes Christmas 2012. I feel so blessed that I have two little miracle babies to experience this joyous holiday with. So blessed!

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Christmas 2012

Christmas was exciting, fast, memorable this year. We had planned on being home Christmas morning, but the weather changed our plans. We had our little Christmas with the girls on Christmas Eve. We were so excited my parents came to be with us as well!!

Our tree looked beautiful this year. We had to put it in the dining room to keep two curious little girls away.

Their loot! Not too shabby for two little girls.

Exploring all of their toys from Santa, Mammie and Grandpa Barnes.

They absolutely love riding their bikes.

Harper opening gifts.

Avery playing with some new toys.

The best pic I could get of that morning.

Next, we loaded up our car and these two little cuties to drive to Tulsa.

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Holiday Attire

Wanted to share a couple of the girls holiday outfits. They are too cute not to share!!

This is how we play in dresses!!

Posing for pics on daddy's birthday!

This picture of Avery cracks me up!!

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Christmas Card

Merry belated Christmas from our family to yours!

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Santa Run 5k

Back in the middle of December, I ran my first 5k with the babies. Very ambitious I know!! Luckily I finished and the girls loved it!! Hope we run many more in the future!

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Santa Clause

We took the girls to see Santa just before Christmas. I must admit I am shocked by their reaction, they were not scared at all.

I have a feeling next year will be much different!

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10 months old

Dear Avery and Harper,
You turned 10 months in December, 6th. I know, I know I'm really late posting an update this month. What can I say, you keep me busy!!!

Avery and Harper you are crawling and cruising EVERYWHERE, as well as pulling up on everything. I really think you two will be walking before your first birthday, we will see.

You are both wearing size 3 diapers and 9 - 12 month clothes. Harper, we find that we 6 - 9 month clothes still fit you best. As far as food, we've been exploring many new things. You two absolutely love macaroni and cheese, as well as blueberries. I try to change your meals up as much as possible. You two still are not a fan of broccoli. Hoping I can change this one is so good for you!!!

You are both still saying momma and dadda. Also, I think you are starting to associate us with our names.

Baby girls momma cannot even express how much I love you. You bring so much joy, laughter, and excitement to your daddy and I.

We love you to the moon and back!
Mommy and Daddy

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

Hope each of you had an amazing holiday season! It was sure special for us. One goal I have for 2013 is to blog more frequently. Hopefully I'll get some updates done this week before I go back to work. Until then, here is a sweet pic of my babies.

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