Monday, April 22, 2013

Evening Stroll

It has been such a beautiful day here! After the girls finished dinner, I put them in the stroller to go for our evening walk. Tonight I decided to check out the park in our neighborhood. This was the first time the girls have played at this park. The girls and I LOVED it. I might build this into our evening routine. When we first arrived at the park there were a couple other kids, maybe around 2 to 3 years old. The girls were infatuated with them and couldn't stop staring. I put them in the double swing, which I love by the way.

Then we decided to explore the playground a little more. Avery loved going down the slide. She kept trying to climb up it. Luckily, for me she hasn't quite mastered this skill...ha ha!! Might become more difficult to manage by myself as they get older.

Harper loved walking around and checking out all of the fun play equipment.

We found these little stools and decided to use it for a photo op. They didn't stay put for too long.

Tomorrow it's suppose to be rainy here, hopefully we can go back later this week. I'm so glad my sweet girls love the outdoors. It is so fun watching them discover new things.

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  1. So cute! and I LOVE their cute lil outfits. :)