Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

We have had a lazy Memorial Day weekend. Last night our dear friends, Sarah and Meredith, came over for a Mexican feast. We had some yummy fajitas, rice, black beans and chocolate cake...yummy!!

Today the girls wore their red, white, and blue in honor of all the fearless soldiers that serve or have served our country. Thank you for being so brave to serve our great nation so we can be free!! God bless the USA!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012


I'm winding down the end of the school year and it's a bit cRaZy!! Can't wait to spend the summer with these two cuties.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Today Jeremy's Mema and Papa came to visit. They have had so much fun spending time with the twins.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

School Days

Avery and Harper go to an awesome in home daycare each day. Miss Sandie, Miss Amanda and Miss Lisa take such great care of them. They spoil the twins rotten!! Knowing they are in great hands, makes my day much easier. Today, they sent me these sweet pictures of the twins. Oh they are just precious!!!

Tummy Time

Always loving on each other



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Monday, May 14, 2012

Former Wombmates

Love these onsie's a friend bought for the twins!!!

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Mother's Day

It was a perfect first Mothers Day! Loved spending the day with my two miracles and my amazing husband!

Avery and Harper made me the sweetest gift at school.

It says "even twenty little fingers can't count the ways we love you with all our hearts!"

I will treasure this special plate forever!!!

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Today I'm linking up with Blessed with Two another MOMs post, this time I'm telling my pregnancy story.

Pregnancy was anything but easy for me. After my two perfect embryos, Avery and Harper, were transferred back into me I developed overstimulation of my ovaries. This was due to the shots I had to take for my egg retrieval. All in all I ended up in the hospital while on our babymoon. Even though it was the most painful experience in my life, I kept a smile and positive attitude knowing I was carrying two miracles.

My second trimester went really smooth until 26 weeks. I went to my routine doctors appointment and found out my cervix was nearly gone and I was already dismayed to a 1. ScArY!!!! So Dr. H put me on bed rest in the hospital. At that point we began to prepare ourselves for the twins to be born early.

During my ultrasound that week with Dr. A, our high risk specialist, he discovered that both twins had Velementous Cord Insertion. Basically their umbilical cords were not inserted into the placenta correctly and they both passed through the intervening membranes of their sacs. Once again another ScArY discovery!!! It is a very rare issue. My doctor has been practicing for 30+ years and I was only the 3rd patient to have this issue. At that point I was told I would be on bed rest in the hospital until I delivered Harper and Avery. Every time I moved or got up to go to the bathroom I just prayed...please keep these babies safe and please keep my water from breaking! If it would have broke, we would have had to deliver them by emergency c-section to keep them from bleeding to death. Since the umbilical cords were not in the correct place on each placenta, they were loosely hanging on. If the umbilical cord were to break away it could have been a disaster....once again ScArY!!!

After laying in a hospital bed for 76 days, I delivered my baby girls at 37 weeks. Avery was 5 lbs 3 oz and Harper was 5 lbs 1 oz. Both babies avoided NICU....hallelujah!!!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

It's teacher appreciation week! Don't forget to thank your favorite teacher. Avery and Harper gave their three sweet teachers a gift that was simple and easy to throw together. Hopefully their teachers enjoy it!

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Monday, May 7, 2012

My story

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Today, I'm linking up with two of my favorite blogs In This Wonderful Life and Blessed With Two in an effort to connect with other MOMs (moms of multiples).

This is my story through infertility and becoming a mommy of twins. Five years ago Jeremy and I decided we would just take our time and try to have a baby. Little did we know, we got pregnant within a month. We were both in shock and couldn't believe it happen so quickly. Unfortunately, we lost our baby soon after finding out we were pregnant. For 10 more months we tried and tried and tried! Finally...we were pregnant again. Once again we lost our second baby. We were sad, frustrated and lost. It was so hard to understand....why us?!?!

So we moved onto another doctor that was a regular OB, but also specialized in infertility. After trying Clomid, having a laporoscopy/hysteracopy and countless tests we had to go visit a reproductive endocrinologist. I love the RE that we chose, Dr. Goldstein. He basically told us that in order for us to increase our chances of having our own child, we needed to do IVF.

In May of 2011, we started the process with all of the shots!! I felt very at ease the whole time. On June 13th Avery and Harper were transferred back into me. They were two perfect embryos!!!

On July 8th, we found out that both embryos implanted and we were having!!! We felt so blessed and lucky to have our two miracles on the way.

After spending 76 days on bed rest, in the hospital, our beautiful baby girls were born. This is our first family photo shortly after birth, February 6th, 2012
We feel like our little family is now complete! Avery and Harper bring so much joy to our lives each day.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

3 months

Dear Avery and Harper,

Today you are 3 months old. You have changed so much in the past month.

We are loving the phase you are in now. Both of you are full of smiles and cooing more and more each day. It is the sweetest sound!!

We're not sure how much you weigh now, we will find out at your 4 month check up. Just guessing, but Avery you might be around 11 lbs and Harper a little over 10. We know you are getting taller because we had to move your car seat straps up a notch.

You still love play time/tummy time. Your little heads are so strong. You can now move your head from side to side without it being too wobbly. Also, when your on your tummy you hold your head way high, in the sky, and arch your back. Your scooting all over the play mat too.

Harper you still have to touch Avery anytime she is near. We think she makes you feel secure. We love seeing the bond you two share! My one wish is that you will always be best friends.

You are sleeping SO good at night. A few nights you have slept from 9:00/9:30 until 6 am....WOW!!! Harper, unfortunately we had to move you to your own crib. You kept waking Avery up.

Your newborn clothes are starting to get a little tight, so you mostly wear 0-3 month clothes. You are both so tiny and petite!! People comment all the time about how small you are.

During the day you are still drinking about 4 oz every 3 hours. Sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. Just depends on the day.

It is going to be so exciting to see how much you grow and change over the next month. We love you so much sweet girls! You are such a blessing.

We love you to the moon and back!
Mommy and Daddy

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2 Months

Dear Avery and Harper,

Wow you are 2 months old...time is going by way too quick!! You are both growing so much each day.

Your stats at your 2 month check up are...
Avery you are 9 lbs 14oz (25th percentile) and 21.8 inches (25th percentile).
Harper you are 9 lbs 1 oz (10th percentile) and 22.3 inches (50th percentile).

You are both sleeping much better at night. I can proudly say you transitioned very easily into your crib. Harper you always love to touch Avery when you sleep. I have found you many times with your feet propped up on Avery's tummy.

You wake up once during the night to eat. Usually it is in between 12:30 and 2:00. You then wake up around 6:00 to eat again. Typically you take about 4 oz. each time you eat, but sometimes you just are not hungry so you will only eat 2 oz.

This month mommy went back to work. It was so hard to leave you, but you are in good hands with Miss Sandie and Miss Amanda. They love you to pieces.

I rush out of work each day to come get you. Can't wait until we can spend the summer together.

We also took you to your first all girls luncheon with two of your favorite people, Sarah and Meredith.

You both still love tummy time. Also, you seem to be very interested in books too. It melts my heart!

We love you to the moon and back!

Mommy and Daddy

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One Month

***Disclaimer...the twins are really 3 months. Just trying to catch up on blog posts.***

Avery and Harper!
Our goal your first month of life was simply just to survive. I can officially say...we did with lots of help from family and friends.

You left the hospital on February 9th. It was mommy's 80th day in the hospital. I was so happy to bring you both home with us. We are so blessed that you were both healthy and avoided going to the NICU.

You are still wearing preemie diapers and mostly preemie clothes. We do put you in some newborn clothes, but they are just a bit baggy.

You are eating every 3 hours through the day and night. You are mostly drinking mommy's milk and receiving a little bit of formula.

You both love to sleep, but when you are awake we try tummy time too.

You mostly just lay there. We also gave you your first real bath. Avery you hated it and Harper you just were content.

We love you both so much!! Our little family feels so complete with you here. I want you to always know that there are so many people that prayed for your safe arrival. You were both worth the long wait!!

We love you to the moon and back!
Mommy and Daddy

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