Thursday, July 12, 2012

For MoM's...Getting Out with Twins

Whenever I first brought the twins home, I never in a million years thought I would ever leave the house...ha ha!! Well fast forward 5 months and now I do it all of the time, even by myself. How about that?!?! I love being home and in our routine, but we do at least one outing a day. Depending on their mood and the flow of the day, sometimes it is twice. I'm a very organized person and I love routine, so I think that's how I make it work. Also, I love to take them on walks, Target, the mall and also to lunch with my friends.

Usually, I always schedule our outing right after they eat at 9:00. Before I feed them I load up the car with my purse, diaper bag and usually a cup of coffee too. Gotta have my caffeine in the morning....ha ha! Then I feed them, change their diapers again and load them up. We usually stay out until 11:30ish and then it's time to come home, they eat at 12:00 and then go down for a nap. While we're out and about they usually cat nap.

This morning we ventured to the mall to walk. This is about the only opportunity I have to exercise. It's too hot in Texas to walk outside right now.

It's not rocket science, but I do think it takes some organization to make it happen. There is no way I could be home all day without getting out. I would go crazy!!!!!

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  1. Love your blog! Me and Jen are going to start mall walking too! We will have to meet up!!! Mall playdate!! Woohoo! I am super organized too!!!

    1. Want to meet up on Tuesday? I'm going to Stonebriar.

  2. Hi! I found your blog through multiples and more photo contest...what adorable girls you have! They look a lot alike for fraternals! (that's what I'm guessing they are...) I, also, have twin girls and mine are just a few months older than yours! :) Such a cute little blog and what a fun story. Glad you can get out and enjoy some time away from your house with your girls. My girls are also super easy going and it's fairly easy to take them places- what a blessing! Enjoy your babies!