Saturday, July 7, 2012

5 Months

Dear Avery & Harper,

You are 5 months old. Over the past month you have grown and changed so much.

Avery - We think you are almost 14 pounds. You wear a size 2 diaper. You love to suck on your fingers and toes!

Harper - We think you are finally 12 pounds and you are still wearing size 1 diapers. I think we're going to bump you up to a size 2 soon. You are so in love with Avery and gravitate to her whenever she is around. We think you love her more than anyone.

You are both still wearing some 0-3 month clothing, but we put you in 3-6 month clothes often. They are a little big, but we feel confident you'll grow into them soon.

You both achieved a lot of "firsts" this month. Both of you are rolling from your belly to your back. You are almost rolling back to belly, just need to swing your legs over a little more. You started sitting in your Bumbos more to play. Both of you seem to like this perspective of the world. It's much more fun than being flat on your back. You also love the Jumperoo too. Before too long you will be bouncing away.

You are both cooing so much! Avery you love to squeal like a little girl, it is too cute. Harper you are very monotone and don't use much inflection in your voice. I'm sure you will find it soon.

This month we took our first road trip to Kansas and Oklahoma. Overall, I think you both did very well. Don't think we will do it too often though. We all love our routine that we have at home.

You are both still drinking 4 oz. of milk every 3 hours. Next month we will start giving you baby food. Also, you still sleep through the night...woo hoo!!!! Avery you have established a long afternoon nap each day. Harper you love to cat nap. You are on the go and don't want to miss out on anything the world has to offer!!

We love you both to pieces and cannot wait to see how you change over the next month.

Love you to the moon and back!
Mommy and Daddy

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