Thursday, September 29, 2011

18 Weeks

Finally, I am getting a weekly post up on time.

The twins and I at 18 weeks.

How Far Along: 18 Weeks
Size of baby: 5.5 inches and 7 oz. About the size of a mango.
Gender: We will find out at our gender reveal party in October.
Maternity Clothes: Mostly pants and a few dresses. Other than that, I'm still wearing regular clothes.
Weight gain: 7 pounds
Movement: I have felt a few flutters this week. Hoping I'll feel them more soon.
Sleep: Still very good!
Symptoms: None at all.
Cravings: Oranges are pretty tasty!
Best moment this week: Getting our cribs. Now the fun part begins, setting them up. I will take a picture once they are put together. It may take a while!
Pregnancy Highlights: The babies are flexing their arms and legs. Blood vessels are more visible through the skin and their ears are in there final position. (Information from


  1. Cute picture!! I love oranges too :)

  2. Congrats on twin pregnancy! I'm also pregnant with twins....due in February. Hope things are going great and god continues to bless you

  3. You look so adorable!! Get ready to pop out there over the next few weeks! I grew so much between 18 weeks and now and I swear I am bigger every day hah!! Thanks for entering my giveaway and congrats girl! I can't wait to keep reading your journey:-)