Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First Week in the Hospital

My first week in the hospital has gone by pretty quickly. I'm hoping that the next few weeks go just as fast. I have to say I am one blessed person! Jeremy has been here constantly, when he's not working, taking care of me. In addition, he's having to take care of everything at home. I know that this hasn't been easy for him, but he seems to be handling it really well. I'm also very blessed because I have such amazing friends. Over the past week I've had so many visitors, which always brightens my day. When you're confined to a small hospital room 24 hours a day, it's always nice to see someone who loves and cares about you. The other night I also had a surprise visit from my dad, I had no idea he was coming!!

While I've been here my friends have been decorating my room. Misty and Udele set up a princess tree in my room for the twins. My friends Meredith and Sara set up the cutest little pink tree. All of the nurses come by and admire he decor in my room.

Each day my routine seems to be the same. Currently, I'm only able to shower every other day. They don't want much pressure on my cervix, so that's why I'm restricted on showers. If you know me well, then you know this is really hard for me. I usually shower twice a day! Meredith was so sweet to bring me dry shampoo to spray in my hair on the days I can't shower. She also painted my toe nails too! Let me tell you they needed it. Each morning and night they monitor the babies heart rates and to see if I'm having contractions. This is what my belly looks like when I'm all hooked up.

Monitoring goes well when Harper is cooperating. She does not like to be monitored! Most of the time she will kick it and move away from the monitor. Then they have to undo the straps and find her again. It's amazing how her little personality is already shining through.

I'll post another update as soon as I know something.

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  1. My first shower from Tuesday was Thursday and didn't get to yesterday either. Not that I was pushing fornit...keep hoping my uterus will settle down! I hope he let's me take one today...I'm a two a day bather as well! It is rough stuff