Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Happenings

Summer seems to be going by too quick! I have a large to do list, that I haven't even tackled. Maybe I'll try to start on it this week.

This morning I went in for more blood work at Dr. G's office. They called this evening and said everything looks REALLY good. Our first ultrasound is scheduled for July 8th. Jeremy and I tried to figure out my due date, not sure if we're right or not. We estimate that it will be February 28th. Next year is also Leap Year, so it's possible that we could have a Leap Year baby. My brother-in-law is a Leap Year baby, so they could share the same birthday. We shall see!
Before school got out Jeremy
told me he wanted me to do two things this summer....carry his child and find new recipes. Luckily I've managed one of those. The other request I started tonight. I found a recipe for a Mexican Chicken Ring on another blog. You can find it at
She has some really good recipe's! Here's the finished product.

It tastes just as good a it looks.

Other than cooking and pondering my to do list, I've been hanging out with my puppies. Here is Madison lounging this afternoon. Ha ha!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi! Your blog is adorable! I found it through Jenna's Journey. I have to try that Mexican Chicken Ring. It looks SO GOOD!

  2. I love love love the Mexican Chicken Ring! I found your blog through the commenting challenge and it is adorable :)