Monday, June 13, 2011

Embryo Transfer

Today has been an awesome day! We went to the doctor's office at 11:45 and waited for them to call us back for the transfer. I had to go in with a full bladder. Honestly, that was the most uncomfortable part of the whole procedure. The embryologist talked to us before the transfer and gave us a picture of our two best embryos.

Hopefully, these are our future children!

The embryologist showed us where the beginnings of each baby are and the placenta within the embryo. The dark spot on the left one and the crater looking spot in the middle of the right one are the beginnings of a baby. He said hopefully today they will begin to hatch from the shell and turn into a blastocyst. After that happens then hopefully they will attach to my uterus.

Since we've been home I have been resting and taking it easy. I've spent all afternoon laying in bed watching TV. Tomorrow I will be able to move around a little more, but I still need to be very careful. Our doctor seems very hopeful and optimistic. He said that even though everything has gone so perfect, it's not a guarantee that we will get pregnant. Until then, we will continue to pray and leave it in God's hands. I know he will provide and take care of us.

Next Wednesday I go in for my pregnancy test. I will post, either way, after we talk to our family. Jeremy and I want to share the news with each of them first. Thank you for all of the prayers! We are both very grateful.

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  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL looking blasts who will, praying, make beautiful children someday!!!!! Rest away girl. Hope the next 9 days go by fast for you. :)