Wednesday, February 9, 2011

100th Day of School! is hard to believe we are already celebrating the 100th Day of School! Time is flying by this school year. To celebrate this special day, we asked the kids to dress as if they are 100 years old. Of course the teachers could not help but get in on the action too. I wish I could upload the pictures of some of my kiddos, they were hysterical!! However, I cannot figure out how to blur their sweet little faces. Due to privacy reasons, I cannot post pictures of them on my blog. So let me give you a visual. One sweet little girl wore a HUGE grey wig, shaw, and pearls. Her mother is extremely creative and put a lot of thought into her outfit. She looked precious! A sweet boy in my class wore suspenders, truckers hat, and the funniest glasses I've seen. He truly looked like an "old" man. It's such a fun day that I look forward to celebrating every year with my class. Oh the joys of being a 1st grade teacher!

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  1. That is TOO funny!! We had our kids draw what they think they would look like in 100 years, but having them dress up like it would be hysterical! Gotta love first grade!