Wednesday, November 21, 2012

9 months

Dear Avery & Harper,

You are now 9 months old. Once again, you have changed so much since last month. You are both on the move and it's so hard to take your picture....ha ha!

Avery you now weigh 15 lbs. 15 oz. and you are 28 inches long. You are still comfortably wearing size 3 diapers and fit best in 9 month cloths. We can still squeeze you in a few 6 month items. Just depends on the brand. Avery you are an amazing sleeper. You consistently sleep 12 hours a night and take two naps each day. Also, you love to read and your favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Harper you are now 13 lbs. 15 oz. and 27 inches long. You are now wearing size 3 diapers and fit best in 6 month clothes. I don't think you require as much sleep as Avery, you are just like your daddy! Typically you wake up once at night to eat and then you go back to sleep. I really enjoy my snuggle time with you in the middle of the night. You also are napping twice a day. Harper you are such a loving and cuddly child. I love every minute of it!!

You are both saying momma and dadda. Also, you say several consonant sounds. Avery you seem to be more chatty between you and your sister. Harper you LOVE to sing. Anytime I start singing a song you like to song a tune too!

The biggest change since last month is that you are both crawling!! Daddy and I have been baby proofing a lot of things around the house. You two can quickly get around the house. Needless to say we thought we were busy before, that meaning is now completely different.

In addition to crawling, you two enjoy are cruising from one piece of furniture to another. I really think you will be walking before you turn a year. We shall see!!

I'm anxious to see how much you change over the next month. Oh before I forget...I took your pic with your awesome pediatrician, Dr. Crow. She will be on maternity leave at your one year appointment, so I wanted to be sure that you get one picture with her before you turn a year.

Love you to the moon and back sweet girls!!

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  1. Oh my goodness they are too cute! I love the little vests!

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